Search Quarry Subscription

PELHAM, Alabama waters deep divers used authority and a boat with sonar, to continue the search went to a diver who disappeared the night of Saturday at Pelham to analyze. The divers disappeared, whose name was not released, is a 49 year old man from Tennessee. It is an experienced diver, he said that the fire department Deputy Chief Blair sides Pelham. Mr. p. 2 Saturday, continue to immerse themselves in the Industrial Park of Alabama car. Designed two hours of diving in the quarry, a popular diving spot. It contains many attractions, diving and platforms, training and the depth ranges search quarry subscription from 4 feet up to 140 meters, depending on the Tauchplatz in Alabama. If he had not marked in 2005. Mr. p. 30, officials began to worry and called the fire department. The authorities began almost immediately attempt, but some parts of the quarry are 27 acres close to 150 feet in depth, the special equipment required. Now focus on the areas of your plan to dive, these pages. It would be very rare that they leave him, that discussed the plan of diving. Calera police service has a boat with sonar, allows operators to the bottom of a water body search and find facilities. Diving in deep water, diving a rescue team of Pelham and Calera police continues to 1 m. a. on Saturday, despite the poor visibility. Research led at 7:00 Sunday morning and throughout the day with Trussville rescue Squadron diving and rescue the team of Alexander city continued. The search ended the day when it's too dark and continues on Monday at 07 h. M a. 30. If we are not successful, continue expanding the area until it finds, they said the sides. Authority, which is the man still in the race, because no Alabama, divas and your vehicle is returned always is there. Steve Parker, instructor of diving in Alabama, half have hampered the efforts of research, visibility, rough terrain and temperatures under water. It is our duty, his family (even in research), Parker said. We are many areas to remove. Parker said he believes that the man, an experienced diver was a vent someone for four or five hours that can be flooded. Steve Parker, instructor, who has contributed to the research divers said, we are looking for highly experienced and educated. I do not believe that education can make a difference in this case. In Alabama, which opened on Sunday, it will remain closed until the man was found. Last updated 06 07 m. s. include more information underwater, the research efforts. .